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John Rawlins / New Davrian Register
Longleat 2005

Longleat 2005 proved to be a very enjoyable event and it was extremely edifying to see so many Davrians and Darrians appearing at the event following a number of somewhat low key attendances in recent years. A total of four cars competed for the NDR Handicap Challenge with a further six cars joining us for the lunchtime photocall. John Rawlins (somewhat embarrassed by his good fortune) took home all the available trophies: the Adrian Evans Memorial Cup for ‘Best Davrian’, the award for ‘Best NDR Car’, also winning the NDR Handicap Challenge.

The Competitors

1. Graham Cashmore’s extremely tidy-looking Mk5 heads for the startline.

2. John Rawlins’ Mk8 at the start-line (winner of the NDR Handicap Challenge)

3. Phil Gale’s Darrian alongside Davrian DI 001 of Jon Jeffrey for the photocall.

4. Steve Alecock’s Mk6 sets off from the paddock.

The Lunchtime Line-Up.

5. The Mk5 of Mark Ibbotson (hopefully he will join us in competition again before too long)

All photos by Steve Mason
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