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John Rawlins / New Davrian Register


The lunchtime lineup

The six cars from left to right are:

   Mk5          (Mark Ibbotson)
   Mk6          (Graham Cashmore)
   Mk8          (John Rawlins)
   Mk6          (Steve Alecock)
   Mk8          (Robin Cheeseman)
   Mk1          (Robert Harrison)

Ken Banks did not join the line-up as he was attending to one or two teething problems with his car which had returned to competition for the first time following three years of inactivity.

More photos will be added to this page when they become available.

All photos by John Rawlins
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Page 16
Results for the NDR Handicap Challenge

N.B. Mark Ibbotson’s  bogey time was based on that of  the similar car of  Graham Cashmore. Both Graham’s and Mark’s bogey times will be revised for 2008 based on their 2007 results.
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