Longleat ‘03/‘04 
								- The Photographs
©John E.F.Rawlins (New Davrian Register) 2008
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John Rawlins / New Davrian Register
Robert Harrison’s Mk1, winner of the ‘Adrian Evans Memorial Trophy’ in both 2003 and 2004
The NDR activity at the Longleat Hillclimb has been somewhat lower key over the past couple of years due mainly to a lack of competing cars: unfortunately, in 2003 the Woolbridge Motor Club failed to send the regulations out to all the regular competitors (both Steve Alecock and Graham Cashmore failed to gain entries) and a number of the cars have also been undergoing engine rebuilds over this period (e.g. John Rawlins’ Mk8 and Ken Banks’ Mk7). Despite this, I am pleased to report that the event continues to attract the usual high turnout of Davrian and Darrian enthusiasts.  
In 2003, the main protaganists for the ‘NDR Handicap Challenge’ were Ken Banks (Mk7) and Phil Gale Gale (T9) with Ken Banks eventually coming out on top by a narrow margin.  
One of those unfortunate competitors not to receive the regs for the 2003 event, Graham Cashmore’s Mk5 remains on its trailer.
Robert Harrison and Tim Duffee display their awards in 2004 for ‘Best Davrian’ and ‘Best NDR Car’ respectively.  																						photo: John Rawlins
Phil Gale's TDarrian T9 on the hill in 2003
'Best Davrian' and 'Best NDR Car'  award winners in 2004
N.B. All photos on this page are by Steve Mason unless otherwise identified.
Awards for Longleat 2004

‘NDR Handicap Challenge’  : Steve Alecock (Mk 6)

’Best Davrian’   : Robert Harrison (Mk1)

’Best NDR Car’    : Tim Duffee (SITD Darrian T90 GTR)
Ken Banks' Mk7 in 2003
Robert Harrison's Mk1
Graham Cashmore sits out the 2003 Longleat Hillclimb
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