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Information Wanted

1. Missing Mk8 (2018)

Paul Streat is searching for any information that could reunite him with the Mk8 Davrian owned by his father Gary Streat, and raced by himself and his brother Nick in the late 90s at Lydden Hill. It was white with red lower sills.

2.  As an extension to the NDR website, I am considering the creation of a page devoted to non-Davrian Imp-based Sports Cars. Any information or photos would be extremely welcome.

3.  Graham Boulter is particularly interested in any information regarding the Voodoo. If you can help, you can contact him on the following numbers: Home: 01564-702546 or Work:01564-823932.

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In around 2000, the car was converted to a bike engine, with the conversion carried out by Jedi. It only ran once when a head gasket blew at Lydden and then other distractions got in the way and it was never repaired or properly set it up. In around 2001, the Streats loaned the car to Bromley College for the students to work on as a project. Out of sight and out of mind, they never  followed up on it and since then Bromley College has closed down and all knowledge of the car has been lost.

It  is pretty unique amongst Davrians so Paul hopes that someone may  come across. If you do, please let the NDR know so that we can pass the information back to Paul.

K9 - The Fraser GT (previously owned by Robin Human)

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