50th Anniversary of the Davrian Marque

As planned, the 50th anniversary was celebrated at the Castle Combe Rallyday on Saturday 23rd September 2017, with an exceptional display of both Davrians and Darrians. Further information and photos from the day will be published on this site in the near future (with apologies for the considerable delay in their appearance on this site). Click here for photos from the day.

Charles Barter reunited with the Solo Stiletto (2011)

Charles Barter met up with Tony Hansford, current owner of the Solo Stiletto, during the Classic Car Show at the NEC. Tony has recently restored the car to its original Golden Springs Watercress Company livery and Charles was clearly very impressed with the attention to detail.

The Solo Stiletto on the Lucas Oil Stand at the NEC and Charles Barter adding his autograph to the driver’s door. (photos by John Rawlins).

Davrian Revived!

At the Imp Club National Weekend in August 2007, Tim Duffee announced plans to build an updated version of the Davrian Mk6 and John Pugsley, who attended the 40th anniversary celebration, has placed an order for the first of these cars with a view to making a return to motorsport.

Further information will be provided when it becomes available.

Longleat 2007 (40 years of Davrian)

Report and photographs from Longleat 2007

Longleat 2006

Longleat 2008

Report and photographs from Longleat 2008

Report and photographs from Impulse ‘09

IMPulse 09 - Imp Club National Weekend (Reading)

Imp Club National Weekend  2007 (40 years of Davrian)

Report and photographs from the Hop Farm, nr. Maidstone

Davrians in the HSCC 70s Road Sports Championship

At the Classic Car Show at the NEC, Birmingham, the HSCC announced the inclusion of a new class for fibreglass cars for the 2012 season open to Imp and Mini-powered cars.

Go to  HSCC_Roadsports for further details.

Report and photographs from Longleat 2006

Longleat 2005

Davrian Dav-Tec wins at Goodwood (2015)

Dean Thomas and co-driver Rich Knowlton took the overall honours at the Sherrards Resourcing Southdown Stages Rally, which took place at the Goodwood Circuit on Saturday 15th February. In the Honda-powered Davrian Dav-Tec, they beat runners-up Paul King and Alicia Miles in their Mk2 Escort by a total of six seconds. In previous seasons, the car has suffered from an ongoing problem with overheating but this has now been resolved and the only issue during the day related to the need to understand the characteristics  of a newly installed differential.

Thruxton Circuit - 50th Anniversary

Many thanks must go to Gary Hughes for organising a Davrian display over the two days of Thruxton Circuit 50th anniversary race meeting on Saturday 2 June 2018 - Sunday 3 June 2018

Report and photographs from Longleat 2005

Longleat 2003 / 2004

Report and photographs from Longleat 2003 / 2004

Longleat 1996-2002

Photo ; Gary Hughes

Davrian News Update

Reports and photographs from Longleat 1996 - 2002 (and Imp Club National Weekend 1996)

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Welsh Motoring Festival (2019)

Four Darrians and two Davrians attended the Welsh Motoring Festival which took place on Sunday 16th June at the Celtic Manor Resort.

Each of the cars had an opportunity for at least two runs on the special stage. Unfortunately the yellow Davrian pictured in the lineup, sustained some damage on one of its runs when it struck a boulder.

All photos by Tim Duffee

Thruxton Circuit Davrian Get-together - 2019

Once again, thanks must go to Gary Hughes for arranging another opportunity for Davrian owners to meet up at Thruxton for the Motor Racing Legends Meeting which took place on 1st/2nd June.                       Photos by Steve Mundy