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My name is John Rawlins and I have co-ordinated the New Davrian Register’s activities since its establishment in 1993.

John Rawlins (Click here to contact the NDR)

@ New Davrian Register, 4 Browns Lane, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1RS, UK.

The anodised Davrian chassis plates are now back in stock!

Please refer to the Regalia Pages for full details of all regalia items available from the NDR (and other sources).

Recent Updates

12/11/23  One Mk4 added to the Cars for Sale  listing.

29/10/23  i) The NDR is now a registered member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

                  For full information about the benefits of FBHVC membership, please visit their website.

       ii) One car added to the Cars for Sale listing.

16/03/23  Hyperlinks have been reinstated in “Davrian News Update” to link to the NDR2 website for viewing reports and photos from early NDR meetings, and two new pages have been added:

i) to provide a listing of the the Davrian/Darrian-related documentation held by the NDR.

ii) to include owners’ Davrian-/Darrian-stories.

(Please send your story to the NDR if you think it would be of interest to other enthusiasts.)  

14/03/23 The NDR2 website, which provides historical reports and photos from NDR meetings (including those at the Longleat Hillclimb), has been re-generated and may  once again be accessed via

04/03/23  Two cars added to the “Cars for Sale” listing.

03/10/22  Exchange and Mart” - Prices updated for the T-shirts, polo-shirts and sweat shirts.  

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New Davrian Register

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The New Davrian Register was founded in 1993 and is open to all those who are interested in Davrians and Darrians. Currently, the Register lists well over 200 owners and enthusiasts.

The main intention of the register is to provide a central focus for owners, and to publicise the Davrian and Darrian marques so as to introduce them to a wider audience. The register also holds a list of "Cars for Sale" and "Cars Wanted" (see "Exchange and Mart" pages).

There is a subscription of £6.00 to cover the cost of a newsletter. This was originally an annual publication but unfortunately, due mainly to a severe lack of articles and the ever-increasing cost of postage, it has not proved feasible to continue its production in paper format. To overcome this, the latest issue (2017) was distributed via the internet  in  pdf format and this has proved an extremely well-received success (see below for further details)

In 1995, an all-Davrian class was run for the first time at the Longleat Hillclimb, the event being won by Robs Barkfield in a transverse Ford-powered Mk8 (Dragon), with Ken Banks 3rd in the first of the Imp-engined cars. The class ran again at this event in 1996 and 1997. However in '98, the Davrians returned to the conventional class structure whilst also competing for the New Davrian Register "Handicap Challenge" (see "Latest Davrian News" for further details) and this continued until 2008 when the venue was lost to motorsport.  

To register with the NDR, please use the registration form available from the “Downloads” section below.

The New Davrian Register can also supply a variety of regalia items. Please access the "Regalia" page for full details.

Reg             Regalia items may now be paid for using PayPal.  

New Davrian Register Meetings

Over the time that the NDR has been in existence, owners’ meetings have taken place at a number of venues. To read more about these, please visit the Davrian News Update page.

Any plans for further meetings will be presented in this slot as appropriate.

If you have any suggestions regarding a possible venue for future NDR meetings, I look forward to hearing from you.  

Issue 12 of the NDR Newsletter is still available for anyone requiring a copy!

To obtain a copy, please e-mail the NDR, with the title “NDR Newsletter + your name” and I will send  the link required to access it.

As ever, newsletter articles are in short supply, so if you feel that you have something to tell which you believe will be of interest to other Davrian or Darrian owners, please do let the NDR know, so that it may be included in the next edition or on the newly established “Owners’ Stories” webpage.

Links to key pages on the NDR website

To access further pages on the NDR website, please select below:

Davrian eligibility announcement re HSCC 70s Roadsports Championship

Reports and Photos from all NDR Meetings

External Links ( including Books, Videos and other Davrian-/ Darrian-related links)

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